June, 2022

Greetings in Christ!

It is the beginning of June which means summertime is just beginning. One thing I am reminded of this time of year is how so many things are put on hold. For kids, school is out. For churchgoers, at least for our church, Wednesday night Bible study is done and United Women in Faith meetings are over. And it’s an exciting time! Why? Well, beyond children and teachers getting off of school for a few months, it means summer activities are here!

I was curious and so I looked online for a poll about people’s favorite thing about summer, and just as I suspected, it was the warm weather along with the fact that they don’t have to wear so many layers of clothes. But it all seems to come down to the fact that because of the warm, sunny weather, we can get out and do those fun things we love.

After being locked up in the house, fighting the battle of the wind chill, we now go out and take vacation, we get to have Vacation Bible School, (which is just next month, by the way) and, of course, we have the local festivals, county fairs, family barbeques, and picnics.

Yes, we finally get out, warm our bones and enjoy the world in full bloom once again. You know what else we get to get out of? Church! You heard that right! No, I’m not saying don’t come to Sunday worship or any other occasion it’s called for. Going to the church is a wonderful thing. I’m just saying that summer is a great reminder that God calls us to step outside of the church. To look around at the beauty of God’s earth. To look at the beauty of God’s creation and to realize that we are encouraged to leave the comfort of our beautiful stone edifice, and go out and serve God’s children.

I realize it’s not easy. It can be hard to step out into the world and serve. If you have ever been in the restroom of our church, you may have noticed a dial on the wall that says comfort zone. If you turn it up on high, it radiates warmth from the pad on the ceiling. It’s used for making the bathroom warm on those cold days when the radiator heat doesn’t reach that far. But it always reminds me to ask myself. Am I high up in my comfort zone? Am I too comfortable in my life? And many times the answer is yes, and I need to go do something about it. I need to leave the church walls and get out into the world.

So I wish you all a safe and fun summer! Enjoy the sun. Enjoy your families and the time spent together. And try to remember to keep summer as a reminder of God’s beautiful creation, God’s beautiful creation in His children, including yourself, and also as a reminder to get out of those four walls and serve the Kingdom. Amen.

Peace and Blessings always!

Pastor Brian

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