March, 2022

Greetings in Christ! Welcome to the Lenten Season. I hope everyone got through the cold, grey days of February and now ready for the unpredictable weather of the month to come!

Speaking of unpredictability, has anyone ever been caught off guard by temptation? I know I have been guilty of making a decision to avoid certain things during times like Lent or just trying to do certain diets, and, shall I say, had a moment of weakness. The invention of the cookie is a blessing and a curse! 

What is interesting about those times when we make a commitment to avoid certain things in the spirit of  repentance or better health, is this. We KNOW a time will come when we will be tempted to stray from the “straight and narrow.” It’s inevitable. If it was not going to happen, we could hardly call it a time of           repentance. It is during those times when we are trying to remember the spirit and the feeling when the commitment was made. But let’s be honest, most of us usually have that moment of backslide.

And that is ok. That is when true repentance happens! It’s then that we come to the Lord and ask forgiveness. We forgive ourselves and not get down on ourselves for being, well, just like everyone else! We all fall short of the Kingdom.

So instead of using the energy to feel bad, why not use that time to focus on God. Jesus loves us no matter what. There’s nothing we could ever do to lose that love. So use that time to realize that you are doing the best you can and recognize that Jesus does not condemn us for our moments of weakness, but loves us despite them.

Have a blessed Lenten season as we look forward to Easter!

Peace always!

Pastor Brian.

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