February, 2022

Greetings in Christ! An author once called this month “The Great, Grey Beast of February.” That can feel so true depending on our state of mind during this time of year. The sweet memories of Christmas are fading and the warmth of spring and summer feel like they are nothing short of an eternity away.

The good news is that the Lord has granted us the seasons so that we may  appreciate the times when all seems right with the world. It would be hard to truly appreciate the warmth of a spring day and the beauty of the buds starting to open on the bare branches of the trees without them.

Could you imagine if we didn’t know about the season changes and what happens to the trees every year? One day, the leaves start to turn colors and we might find it wondrous and beautiful! Then soon, it would start to get cold, and they would begin to turn brown and fall off. Not knowing about the cycle of seasons, we would be worried thinking the trees are dying! Then, a few months later, the leaves begin to grow back and all the foliage looks green again and full. The flowers begin to bloom and the world looks beautiful again!

What a miracle! That is very much like God’s Kingdom. Our lives have seasons, and it can seem like everything is perishing around us and the “Great Grey Beast” is going to devour us. But praise be to God, it is not like that. Because we know how God works, we know that the trees are not dying, their beauty will return, the flowers will blossom again, and the fruit will appear.

It’s never easy when we are experiencing a spiritual “winter”, when life is hard and it seems like it will never get better. But let us try to remember that God is faithful and will always provide. Let us do our best to look forward once again to that season of warmth and sunshine and to realize that the fruit that appears is the    wisdom and strength that we gained.

Have a blessed day, week, and month to come!

Pastor Brian

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