January 2022

Greetings in Christ and Happy New Year! It’s resolution time! So what’s it going to be this year? For me, it is walking. As a restaurant server, from   Denny’s to fine dining, over the past 30 years, I always walked several miles a day. I had to. It was my job to walk. I walked from the table to the kitchen, to the food window, back to the table, to the register, to the table again, to the kitchen…for 8 hours a day.

And now, I sit and write, then walk over to the church (about fifty steps) back to the house, then sit and study, then go to the fridge, then sit and write, then sit and make phone calls. You get the idea. So, my resolution is to walk. But I’m not going to walk a lot. I am going to start with one mile, three days a week. The next week, I’ll walk a mile four days. The next, I’ll make it five days and so forth, with my hopes to walk five miles a day. What I have learned about taking on anything like this, is to start small.

It’s like a train. It starts with a crawling forward and seems like it’s never going to pick up speed. Then it goes a little faster, and a little faster. Soon, the train has built up a lot of speed. Try to stop it now. It has   MOMENTUM! That will be my focus word this year. Momentum takes time and patience. Our church is gaining momentum. Our Wednesday night Soup and Study is gaining momentum. How do I know? Because we are moving. Sometimes we move so slow, it’s hard to see. But we are moving, and that’s what it takes. Movement is the beginning of momentum.

When the Christian Church first started, it was very small. It started slow. And look at it now. Christianity is still spreading today. It has to. It is based in Divine Love and Wisdom…but it took time and it’s still spreading. So, as a church, let us continue with our motivations based in goodness and truth. Let’s keep   moving, even if it seems a little at a time and let that momentum build. As 2022 turns old in December, we will look back and marvel at the ground we have covered, and how far we have come as a church compared to where we were in January. It’s exciting to think about!

May you all have a blessed New Year!

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Brian

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