December, 2021

From the Pastor’s Desk,

Greetings in Christ! It is the season of Advent and a wonderful time of anticipation for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For many thousands of years, the people waited for the birth of the Messiah. They waited in anticipation for the coming of the One that would save them, yet they didn’t know in what way this was to occur. The books of what we now call, The Old Testament, contained many clues to what was to come, but they still didn’t know for sure. By the time Jesus was born, there was an expectation that when the Anointed One came into the world, He would overthrow the government, destroy their enemies by the might of the sword, raise up the Israelites into a high status, rebuild the temple to its glory and peace would reign for them.

During the ministry of Jesus on this earth, his disciples and many others had witnessed the miracles and the wonders he performed. You can imagine the joy the people had. At last, their savior had come! Now, let’s show these Romans a thing or two! They had set up an expectation in their minds that their savior was     going to be a mighty king and warrior. So when it became clear that Jesus was not there to establish a kingdom in that way, they rejected him. They began to watch him carefully, to catch him breaking the law so they could accuse him, have him arrested, and finally execute him so that they could be rid of this meddlesome troublemaker who stirred up the people.

We know that what they didn’t anticipate was the Messiah coming and establishing a Kingdom of Love here on earth; a Kingdom that can be found within ourselves. It is a Kingdom of the Spirit that can continue to grow in breadth and depth, as we discover more spiritual truths and delights. As this Kingdom is revealed more and more to us, our happiness increases and that peace that Jesus brought to us will be fully realized and will spread. Maybe there will truly be peace on earth, and good will toward all the people.

So let us, as individuals, as a church, and as a community, as we wait in anticipation of the coming of our Savior, try to remember that it may come in a way that is unexpected. Let us be aware that as we anticipate the growth of our church, it may take the form that we didn’t expect. As we pray for guidance into new   ministries, try not to have an expectation that it will be an exact certain way, because it is not our will that we are doing, but God’s. We should absolutely move forward, but let God do the steering and the correcting of the course. This Advent season, as we prepare for the birth of Christ in our hearts, have an expectation of something wonderful, of renewal, because with God in charge, it will truly be amazing!

Peace and Blessings to you all,

Pastor Brian

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